About Us

We are proud to have been nominated in the category of (LGBT) Community Organisation in the 2017 National Diversity Awards. If you believe in the work we have been doing, you can help us by casting a nomination for us as well by clicking HERE. Deadline is Fri 9 June.

P3:PROUD.PROFESSIONAL.PARENTS. (P3) was created to help fill a gap in support available for ambitious professionals who happen to be LGBT and are either parents or looking to become parents. Many organisations offer support to their employees via established LGBT and Family networks. Unfortunately, the parenting agenda is often too niche for most LGBT networks and the LGBT angle too nuanced for the Family networks. P3 looks to fill this gap. P3 is also proud of its more general work at role-modelling LGBT and non-traditional families in society. See our video for our global #familyislove campaign. 

Our support is authentic, bespoke, current and diverse. 

P3 is aimed at ambitious career driven LGBT professionals. P3 also has a strong following among heterosexual professionals who want to speak to like-minded professionals about LGBT diversity at home and school.   With its roots in London, P3 continues to expand and remains the only network of its kind. If you would like to see events in your city, please contact us so we can discuss how we can best support you.

P3:PROUD.PROFESSIONAL.PARENTS. aims to support its members by offering: 

  • social engagement for LGBT parents and prospective parents
  • knowledge sharing
  • role modelling for prospective parents
  • empowering allies in the workplace
  • to be a support resource for heterosexual parents looking to introduce LGBT diversity at home and at school


  • LGBT parents and prospective parents
  • heterosexual parents who may have children that are LGBT or who seek to raise their children in a diverse and inclusive environment
  • organisations that want to broaden the diversity dialogue among their employees and offer them another avenue of support

We are proud that our membership composition is almost equally 50/50 men and women.

P3:PROUD.PROFESSIONAL.PARENTS. is co-chaired by LGBT parents with demanding professional careers who not only understand different routes to creating LGBT families, but also the realities of single parenting. We have a diverse board made up of senior professionals working for banks, law firms and professional service firms. Diversity runs through the veins of P3, nowhere more true than in our board,  comprised of men and women, straight, lesbian, gay and bisexual, who have created their families in the classic sense, via adoption, surrogacy or IVF. More on our board here.

We currently run various events across the UK targeted at education, support, mentoring, and fun. For those outside the UK, some of our events are recorded and available as on-line content. Networking is achieved across a broad range of post-panel socialising events and also via sports teams, including dodgeball. We also offer opportunities for families to come together at days out across London, facilitating new relationships among adults and children alike. We are regularly invited to participate on panel events that drive the diversity agenda around modern families forward, and frequently work with organisations to tailor in-house programmes and events. We would be happy to discuss an event in your city or at your organisation - our support is authentic and bespoke.